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My Gay Story

My erotic gay story starts out like most others, I never thought I was gay until that fateful night. Josh and I have been close ever since I could remember, but that night we got even closer.

We met up at the park, there was no one around. Josh showed up with a bottle of red wine. After a few drinks we decided to play truth or dare.

I went with truth. "How often do you jerk off", Josh asked, "and what do you think about....". "I jerk off every day, I don't really think I just watch myself jerking and cumming" I said.

I could see through Josh's shorts, his cock was growing big and hard. "If you are so interested in jerking off, I dare you to pull out your cock and masturbate right here."

Josh was nervous but decided to go for it. He pulled out his dripping erect cock, I instantly got a hard-on. "I am not doing this alone", he said.

This was my first time jerking off in front of anyone else, I was still a virgin but this felt too nice to resist. I pulled out my uncut cock and Josh just stopped. "Fuck! you are hung like a horse" he squealed.

I always knew I had a big cock but no other boys had seen my stiff cock before. Josh asked if he could touch my cock. Before I could answer he reached out and grabbed is a partner of the GayKey Network. Copyright GayKey Network 2006. All rights reserved.
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